август 3, 2018


Динамика на знанието, истината и езиковото значение във виртуалната реалност

Dynamics of knowledge, truth, and linguistic meaning in virtual reality Virtual reality changes our concepts of knowledge and cognitive functions as well as those of truth and meaning. If those changes are to be described by one single word, that will be diversification. The main consequence of this dynamics is the necessity to re-define the cognitive profile of Internet users and virtual reality agents which implies that we must seek for new strategies of development of speaker’s communicative skills. Consequently, new social problems arise but the latter are only sketched without any claim to comprehensiveness. Cognitive changes are being analyzed in the framework of situated, embodied, and embedded cognition, and meaning and truth dynamics is being tracked in the context of standard Fregean semantics. Key words: virtual reality, Internet, cognitive functions, knowledge, meaning, truth.