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Between Technique and Technology: The Game of Man with nature 5/5 (4)

“Intelligent technics”, being established and found at some point, starts to “delete” the mysteries of life, even the ones of all-mighty, all-encompassing, unique life. Apparently, technics and technology reduce life, even human life, to a mere mechanicism, teleological rationality and quantitative commensurability. In relation to human, technology searches equilibrium, in order to secure stability, to erase dilemmas of anthropology that have embraced the human body. Individual liberty, combined with military exploitation of technics is just an example for the peculiar and unexpected entering into a new world, ungracious perhaps, but mathematically argued whatsoever. We need not to forget the aspect of simplifying or, more precisely, the alleged simplifying of the problems that technology seeks to solve. The latter, really, constructs a world, but it is precisely this construction that enters the real world of greenery, animals and water.