юни 20, 2017


Гладко и прозрачно – реалност ала виртуалност (естетически модификации на виртуалността)

The world lost body. As the world becomes increasingly diaphanous - once as authentic sensory experience, and a second time as a mental predisposition. The responsibility for this is due to new forms of technology. Technology because it is set as the new forms of communication and new ways of creating art. They are due to current if a completely new way of experiencing existence. Digital art, video art, installation, computer graphics, computer games, synthesized by computer images, multiplied by prints images, multimedia performances and global Internet network itself - not just shape up new images, but also new worlds. Virtuality implies a new form of thinking of the basic aesthetic categories and values. For their understanding is necessary to be conscious of the fundamental difference between the classical fine arts and the latest forms of digital arts and media. Forms that need a new philosophical and aesthetic discourse.