септември 18, 2017


Киберпънкът – сбъдващата се научна фантастика 5/5 (2)

Spasimir Trenchev Abstract .The aim of the paper is an attempt to explain why science fiction genre is not a fiction, taking as a basis two subgenres – cyberpunk and dystopia. The authors of these two subgenres depict a destroying world, ruled by high technologies and cybernetics, mixed with social decay – worlds too close to our present one. Relationships and conflicts, which main characters build with the masses define them as a sediment of the society – contemporary and future rebels against status quo, because they do not obey the rules. Examples that follow are based on two fiction books and on a popular science book, written by a physicist Michio Kaku, interested in rapidly developed technologies and their appliances in every aspect of live. William Gibson and Cory Doctorow do not make predictions as Jules Verne and Arthur Clarke, but what they do in their books is to expose the new achievements of science and technologies in order to show the direction the world goes in. Key words: science fiction, cyber worlds, William Gibson, Cory Doctoroy, dystopia