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Antoaneta Getova



Antoaneta Getova has PhD of Sociology and is chief assistant professor in the Sociology Department of Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski. Her main interests are in the field of the quantitative methods, sociology of the organization, online research methods and content analysis. She has a course of online research methods in Sofia University.
Some of  her academic publications are:
Getova, A: Big data and the social contract: analysis of the data breach of the National revenue agency, Ethical studies, vol:2, issue:4, 2019, pages:67-74
Getova, A: Some methodological problems of the online surveys, Research methods and technologies in the economic and social sciences, 2012, pages:199-217
Getova, A., Borissov, J, The protests and the middle class in the media, Middle class as a precondition of sustainable society: fifteen years late, editor/s:Kelian, M., Publisher: Avangard Prima, Sofia, 2015, pages:223-240